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Over the years, AEC has built a large roster of satisfied clients who have benefitted from our pond and lake management services. Our clients attest to our ability to provide an effective aquatic management solution, as well as our professionalism and willingness to listen to and address their specific concerns. Contact us to learn more about how AEC can provide a pond or lake management program tailored to meet your individual needs!

Fountains & Aeration

AEC is a sales and service center for both Otterbine and Aquamaster fountains. AEC also provides design, installation, and service for diffused aeration systems.



AEC provides a wide range of services for lake and pond owners. Our management efforts focus on providing real solutions that are both affordable and productive.

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AEC proudly serves clients in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, Virginia, Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska, and Missouri. Contact us to schedule a consultation today.

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A Mission of Providing Superior Pond and Lake Management Service

William H. Kirkpatrick, Jr. founded AEC for the express purpose of fulfilling a need for reliable aquatic management services in the Mid-Atlantic region. Our lake and pond management professionals combine the latest innovations in aquatic management technology with unparalleled expertise and ingenuity, enabling us to not just meet but exceed the expectations of our clients. Our trained staff has both the educational background and real-world experience necessary to provide the aquatic management guidance our clients demand and deserve.

A Wide Variety of Pond and Lake Management Services

AEC provides a wide assortment of services for clients with water bodies ranging from large lakes to small ponds. Our comprehensive list of services includes:

  • Vegetation Management: Maintaining healthy levels of plants and algae is an important component of lake and pond management. AEC can provide mechanical, biological, physical or herbicidal options to control weeds and algae while promoting the overall health and balance of your lake.
  • Fish Stocking: We offer wholesale prices on a range of sport and feeder fish for any size water body. Let our lake management experts help you choose the best combination of bass, walleye, bluegill or other species for your property.
  • Lake Monitoring: Ongoing monitoring of water quality over time can greatly simplify pond and lake management. Knowing baseline values of parameters allows us to track any changes over time that may have a negative impact on water quality.
  • Bathymetric Mapping: Bathymetric mapping uses GPS and acoustic sounding technology to measure the depths and contours of your lake or pond. This can be useful when combating algae or other nuisance plant growth and for dredging applications.
  • Diffuser Systems: Diffuser systems will destratify your lake or pond and maintain uniform temperatures and oxygen levels, which is important for managing invasive plant growth and ensuring a healthy fish population. AEC offers several diffuser systems and can match you with the right product.
  • Fish Management: Even a small lake or pond is a complex ecosystem that requires ongoing management to stay in balance. AEC can assess the balance of your fish population and design a management program to keep them healthy.
  • Otterbine® Fountains: Otterbine® fountains not only make an attractive addition to any body of water, but they also help maintain proper aeration — an important part of lake and pond management.
  • AquaMaster® Fountains: AEC is also an authorized AquaMaster® fountain distributor. Contact our office today for more information!

Every lake and pond management service we offer is backed by our commitment to quality and meeting the needs of our clients, an AEC hallmark since 1987.

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Reliable Answers to Your Pond and Lake Management Questions

We understand that as an AEC client, you will have many questions concerning the best methods of maintaining or improving the health of your water body. As part of our pond and lake management services, we consider answering questions with timely and accurate information a valuable educational resource. Our team can address a host of relevant topics such as:

  • Weed and algae elimination techniques
  • Dredging to return your pond to its original condition
  • Grass carp utilization as a means of vegetation control
  • Recommendations for proper balance of fish species
  • Use of algaecides or herbicides
  • Use of plants to create fish habitats
  • Decorative and effective lake and pond fountain installation
  • Pond aeration and diffuser systems
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