The fishery in a pond or lake is a very dynamic system. In order to fully examine the relationship between the various species that are present, a detailed survey should be carried out. We employ various techniques to evaluate the fishery of a waterbody: electrofishing, seine netting, gill netting and trap netting. By using one or more of these sampling methods, we can determine whether your fishery is properly balanced or not. For those of you that have an existing well-balanced fishery and wish to manage for trophy bass or a thriving panfish population, we can tailor a program to meet your management goals. If you are drawing down your pond or lake for dredging, restoration, or maintenance we also offer fish removal services. We can remove and relocate the fish in your pond or lake so they are not lost.


electrofishingAEC utilizes electrofishing as a sampling method on water bodies ranging in size from small ponds to large lakes and reservoirs.
The main objectives of electrofishing are stock assessment, health surveys, tagging, and eliminating species.

Seine Sampling

fishmanagement_4Seine sampling is utilized to sample the smaller species in a fish population.

Proper Fish Management = Trophy Bass

holding-fishMost ponds and lakes have problems with their fish populations such as slow growth rates and poor reproduction. Often these problems result from improper stocking and/or unregulated harvesting programs. AEC can assess your fish population to prepare a detailed survey. Upon completion of a survey, the data is used to develop a management program that will result in a healthier fish population.