Aquatic Environment Consultants has been assisting pond and lake owners with their aquatic management needs for a quarter century. Since the company’s founding by William H. Kirkpatrick Jr. in 1987, AEC has grown to the point where it is now one of the most widely recognized and highly respected pond and lake management companies.

We Provide a Full Range of Top-Quality Pond and Lake Management Services

Our comprehensive menu of pond and lake management services includes vegetation management to achieve the proper balance between beneficial and harmful plants and provide effective algae control. We also perform bathymetric mapping and lake monitoring. We can help you with fish management in your water body by conducting a fish survey or perhaps stocking. We offer a variety of popular fish species for sale. We’re also a leading source for aeration and diffuser systems to prevent the harmful impact of oxygen depletion.

With AEC, you get pond and lake management service provided by an experienced team of aquatic environment professionals. We implement cutting-edge techniques to help you exceed your management goals. AEC is a proud member of the following organizations:

  • North American Lake Management Society
  • Pennsylvania Lake Management Society
  • Virginia Lakes and Watersheds Association
  • Aquatic Plant Management Society
  • Midwest Aquatic Plant Management Society
  • Northeast Aquatic Plant Management Society
  • American Fisheries Society

Serving the Mid-Atlantic States and Beyond

AEC originally began by providing effective Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware and Virginia lake and pond management solutions for water bodies in these states. Over the years, we’ve expanded our operations to include several states in the Midwest. As a result, we now offer:

Missouri Pond Management Solutions — AEC is fully capable of fulfilling a variety of pond management and lake management needs across Missouri.

Nebraska Lake Management Solutions — Nebraskans have discovered that AEC is a leading choice for effective lake management solutions across the Cornhusker State.

Iowa Pond Management Solutions — The Iowa landscape features an abundance of beautiful ponds and lakes, and Iowans all across the state are taking advantage of AEC’s pond management services.

Kansas Lake Management Solutions – AEC is meeting the needs of pond and lake owners in Kansas City and the surrounding area. Whether it’s dealing with harmful algae blooms or installing pond fountains and diffused aeration, AEC is able to provide the most reliable and cost effective Kansas pond management solutions.

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