AEC is your one-stop source for effective pond and lake management in PA and the rest of our wide-ranging service area. Whether you need Virginia pond management or Maryland lake management solutions you can rely on, you will benefit from our more than 30 years of expertise. Our commitment to quality and service makes us the leading lake management company in the Mid-Atlantic region and beyond! Call us for your Delaware pond management or Omaha lake management needs. We also serve Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa, Missouri, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Virginia.

Vegetation Management

Our comprehensive vegetation management solutions provide a healthy and balanced ecosystem in your lake or pond. We’ll implement the vegetation control technique that is most appropriate for your water body, whether your goal is to remove potentially harmful vegetation, eliminate excess vegetation that can consume precious oxygen or make the body more suitable for recreational use.

Lake Monitoring

Our array of lake monitoring services will help you maintain your water body’s long-term health. We’ll work with you to develop and implement a process to continuously assess critical factors such as nutrient management, chlorophyll levels, phytoplankton populations, oxygen levels, secchi depth and many more while ensuring the highest possible level of water quality.

Bathymetric Mapping

In addition to our lake management services, we provide bathymetric mapping – a highly advanced, scientifically-based process for measuring water depth. Utilizing a GPS navigation system and sonar we’ll accurately assess water levels in all areas of your water body.

Diffuser Systems

Just as a lack of oxygen in the atmosphere is harmful to humans, insufficient oxygen levels in your water body can be devastating to aquatic life. Through the use of an innovative diffuser system, we can ensure the necessary level of oxygen is present at all depths of your lake or pond, especially at the bottom where proper oxygen circulation poses the greatest challenge.

Fish Stocking and Management

AEC offers a large assortment of fish for stocking your pond or lake, including popular species such as bass, walleye, bluegill and many others. We’ll help you select the species that are best-suited for your particular body of water. Our fish management services include developing strategies and techniques for maintaining a well-balanced fishery.


Installing a fountain is an excellent way to enhance water quality while adding aesthetic appeal to your property. AEC is an authorized distributor of beautiful AquaMaster® and Otterbine® fountains that also perform vital aeration functions. We can install, maintain, store and repair your fountain to ensure it provides you with many years of reliable service.

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