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This is our 46 acre lake in Union Dale, Pennsylvania today. Prior to 1990 during the month of August you would be looking at a lake that resembled a bowl of pea soup garnished with basil. The green mass gave the impression that it could be walked on. The year 1990 was when we began working with Aquatic Environment Consultants, Inc. (AEC). Bill Kirkpatrick attended one of our Lake Association meetings and explained how our lake got into a pea soup condition. The pea soup was an unchecked algae bloom. The basil garnish was a pesky plant called “curly-leaf”. Bill provided us with a plan to remedy the situation. The condition of our lake today is an example of the results that can be achieved working with these professionals.

John P. Neary- Union Dale, PA

We can appreciate the beautiful pond because of the service you provide…thanks for your knowledgeable and professional work.

M. Connors- Lititz, PA

I would like to thank you for your services in taking care of our pond. Your professionalism and personality is not seen out in the world much any more!

Tim Stoner- New Castle, PA

We had an algae problem that was uncontrollable. Before any professional treatments; we treated, mechanically raked and used endless man hours, equipment, monies and still were unsuccessful in controlling our ponds. Then in 2004 we contacted Bill Kirkpatrick at Aquatic Environment Consultants, Inc. to treat our ponds at the golf course and the results were tremendous. The ponds were 100% clean and our water source was much better. The algae in the turf was minimized and we didn’t have to waste endless man hours on our ponds.

D. Barber- Cranberry Township, PA

After losing control of our ponds we called AEC and set up an appointment, after meeting and discussing our situation AEC provided a proposal that substantially beat what we were paying in chemical costs alone without any labor. AEC’s pond management expertise has turned Greenfield Corporate Center back into a beautiful place to work and visit for all our community.

J. Baxter- Lancaster, PA

You are truly professional in your work. You have an exceptional ability to communicate information to people who do not have an extensive background in aquatic/fisheries management and enable them to understand important concepts. You have developed a strong confidence in decision making for our Lakes Committee on how to best utilize their budget.

G. Roth- Pocono Pines, PA