Lake and Pond Management for Commercial Developments

A lake or pond is an attractive addition to any commercial development, but the hassle of maintaining it can easily take its toll on your grounds crew. The fact is, pond maintenance should be left to the professionals. Aquatic Environment Consultants (AEC) has more than 30 years of experience providing lake and pond maintenance in office parks, retail centers and other commercial developments. We take the hassle out of keeping your lakes and ponds looking healthy and attractive, which adds value to your commercial properties and helps you avoid the expense of emergency remediation.

Invest in Pond Management Now and Save Money Later

When you trust your lake or pond management to AEC, you gain a committed partner that will ensure any bodies of water on your property remain functional and attractive. For commercial development managers, this is an important liability issue. Identifying and dealing with problems such as e. coli or toxic algae blooms is something we can help with. What’s more, a small investment in water quality testing now can identify the issues that can potentially affect you in the future. It will allow you to take proper action and be proactive.

Too often, commercial development managers believe lake and pond maintenance can be handled by their landscape team. The truth is that aquatic ecosystems require special care to stay balanced and healthy. Companies without a background in aquatics will resort to the use of the wrong products or control measure when algae or weeds become an issue — a classic example of simply not having the right person for the job. At AEC, we have the staff, knowledge and experience to solve your problems effectively.

Upgrade Your Lake or Pond With AEC

In addition to handling all water quality issues, AEC can also consult with commercial developers on the selection and installation of water fountains and other ornamental additions. We’re an authorized dealer of both Otterbine® and AquaMaster® products and can help you choose the most attractive and functional fountain for your property.

Adding a fountain not only looks good, but it promotes proper aeration and prevents unattractive algae growth. Our team will work with you to take care of everything, from the installation of your fountain to ongoing maintenance and warranty support. Find out more by contacting our office today.

Serving the Midwest and Mid-Atlantic Regions

AEC provides lake and pond water quality management to commercial developments in Pennsylvania, Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa and Missouri. We recommend that all new clients begin with a full on-site testing and consultation — this allows us to better understand your needs and come up with a proper maintenance plan.

Our team includes aquatic biologists with a combined 100 plus years of experience on commercial projects. Whether it’s a single pond or a system of lakes, we’ll provide a customized solution to your water quality and aesthetic issues at a price that’s good for your bottom line. To learn more, or to book your consultation, contact AEC by phone or email today.