Aquatic Environment Consultants (AEC) is proud to offer lake management services for Iowa clients. With more than 30 years of experience in freshwater monitoring and management, we specialize in providing intelligent, technologically-advanced solutions for private property, golf courses, fisheries and more. We can provide one time testing and mapping, long term monitoring, design consultations, fish stocking, emergency interventions and other services.

We are available for on-site monitoring and management for lakes throughout Iowa — contact us today to begin the process by scheduling your initial consultation

Our Services

  • Vegetation management: The health of your lake or pond is determined by the vegetation it supports. For many, however, a lake is also a place to swim, fish, and relax — managing a lake that’s conducive to these activities is also a concern. AEC can help you maintain an appropriate balance between a properly-functioning ecosystem and a property that is aesthetically pleasing. Working with you, we can develop strategies for eliminating excess or harmful vegetation, or promoting the growth of beneficial species.
  • Water quality testing: AEC offers basic and advanced levels of water quality monitoring for Iowa lakes. Using sophisticated diagnostic tools, we can check factors from pH and alkalinity to phyto-plankton and total phosphorous levels. During your initial consultation, our experts will recommend a testing program that’s right for you.
  • Long-term monitoring: Long-term monitoring of water quality factors is essential to spotting trends and taking corrective action to preserve the health of your lake. Ignoring a growing problem can cause more costly or drastic solutions than those that would have been required earlier — however, through proactive monitoring, you can identify issues faster to save money and time.
  • Fish stocking and management: If you’re stocking a large pond or lake, let AEC help you choose the best species of fish for your property. We can supply and manage bluegill, bass, walleye and other freshwater species — contact our team directly for more information.
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AEC is committed to being your full-service Iowa lake management company. We also provide fountain design and installation, bathymetric mapping, diffuser systems and many other products and services essential to lake and pond management in Iowa.

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AEC is available for immediate consultations in Iowa and beyond. We are also members of the Midwest Aquatic Plant Management Society, the American Fisheries Society, the North American Lake Management Society and several other industry associations. Our team of experts has more than 100 years of combined experience in freshwater lake management in the Iowa area. Call today to schedule your initial consultation!